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Nurse Scientist 
(multi-topic cover story)         
An Action Plan For AIDs-- Fighting The Side Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy
The Mind/Body Connection--Psychoimmune Strategies In Breast Cancer
Channeling The Spark--Preventing Disease By Helping Children Learn To Manage Anger
"I've Lost Me." --Taking Care of Caregivers
First Person Singular-- Helping Adolescents With Diabetes Develop A Healthy Sense Of    Independence In Self-Care
Little Lungs At Work--Protecting Preschoolers From Second-Hand Smoke

(Selected original manuscripts of published articles)

The Handle   (public health)
Lee Spacewalker--Astronaut Flight Surgeon
Pollution Part II--The New Threat To Drinking Water

Disease Detective--Looking for Unusual Patterns in Cancer Incidence

Returning The Light--
Cooperative surgery gives young Haifa bombing victim a second chance at sight

Arts & Sciences
Plants That Heal--Native American Medicine Gardens     

Vector  (genetics)
Profile--Robert Cerfolio, M.D.

Venture (business)
Variety Adds Spice To A Corporate Life   Profile--Richard L. Bozzelli

Vim 'N Vigor
Bloodless Surgery 
New Alternatives To Prostate Surgery