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1 Enhancing opportunities   You can add the capacity to handle new projects and pitch new accounts--without adding the permanent expenses of salary, taxes and benefits for another full time writer.

2.  Beating burnout Lending your creative team a hand during the busy season helps keep creative quality high and avoids stress-related healthcare expenses  Besides, you're a nice guy.  And balancing the workload to keep good employees is a lot easier and less expensive than recruiting. 

3.  Expanding billable services  You can offer corporate video, PowerPoint and multimedia presentations, website copy, video news releases, direct response TV, and brochures for medical, science and technical clients--translated into everyday language consumers can understand and get excited about--even if you don't have a team of specialty writers on staff.

4. Clearing log jams
Time-intensive projects can clog workflow so nothing gets done.  You don't have to worry about your creative team being tied up writing a corporate history when you need them taking care of other clients.

5. Keeping clients happy   Responsiveness means getting the job done in a timely manner--and having reliable backup to help handle emergencies.

6. Fresh Eyes When you've been looking at the same products for the same clients too long, another point-of-view can help you see new possibilities for fresh concepts.

7. Bulletproofing 
Before the competition starts taking pot shots at your shiny new campaign, an objective second opinion can help you anticipate likely attack points and eliminate ammunition.

8. Getting low-budget projects done affordably  Some things that may not be profitable for an agency can be delegated to a freelancer with lower overhead. You can invest your time more profitably while keeping clients happy and in-house.

9. Problem solving 
Miracles you do every day.  When the impossible takes extra thought, having another experienced head at work helps you find better solutions faster.

10.  Not having to show off your shadow puppet skills When your creative team gets the flu, goes on vacation, is shooting on location or decides to chuck it all and move to Wyoming, you don't have to be left presenting your best bunny shadows on the wall.  Just call Laura when you need a writer you can count on to come through.

1.  Busy season 
Your in-house staff and agency have their hands full, but you have a project that needs to get started now.

2. Competitive edge You don't have an ad staff, but you need ads or corporate communications that can compete with the best and win.

3. Dollar power  After you put most of your ad budget into a campaign, a special project comes along.  You can't commit enough cash for your agency to handle it profitably-- but it needs to be done professionally.

4. Confidentiality You want to tell the board about your new product plans, but you don't want to tell the world--at least not until you're ready for production. With one writer who can work directly with a designer or video editor, you can more easily manage who knows what and when.

5.  Special projects  You need help with a task that isn't what your agency usually handles--product briefs that bring the sales force up to speed on a new line, a speech or presentation for a convention, or a theme and video to break the ice at the annual sales meeting.

6.  Focus The devil is in the details, and you have a long or complex project that's going to take total immersion. You need a writer who can stay with it till it gets done and learn enough to know it's right.

7.  Second opinion 
It's a great idea, but will it sell?  Sometimes, when you're working too close to a project or trying to decide between too many choices, it helps to have a fresh perspective.   Someone with experience and enough emotional distance can help you evaluate concepts against your basic objectives and bulletproof them by analyzing possible weaknesses and the likely response of competitors.

8 Timeliness You have an urgent project and don't have time to go through the usual channels and multiple departments. You need someone who can expedite the process and get it done.

9. You want someone who will listen to you.  Maybe you'd just like to see a project done the way you originally envisioned it so you can judge how well it would work.  Listening is an acquired art, and you want someone with experience in focusing attention to hear what you have to say.

10. You want someone who will tell you what you need to hear.
An emperor with new clothes needs a good mirror--or a friend who isn't afraid to tell him his new image has holes in it-- before he shows it to the world.

Laura Freeman
Writer/Producer/Creative Consultant
205 951-3125

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