As one of my early mentors used to say, advertising isn't about awards.  It's about selling.  Very true.  However, I doubt that anyone ever sold anything to anybody by boring them to death. Sometimes a fresh idea is what it takes to get people to stop in this busy, cluttered world and take notice.  If it wins awards and earns your client bragging rights, so much the better.  Creativity and common sense can work wonders.  As I always say, 1) First you get their attention.  2) Then you make them want it.  3) Then you tell them where to get it.  Laura's three laws of advertising.

Okay, let's dig through the box of awards in the closet.  Here are a few I've pulled out and polished up to show you.

Four National ADDYs

Ten National TELLYs

National Agri-Marketing Association
First Place Regional
Second Place Eastern U.S.

Best of Show
Southeastern Direct Marketing Association

Best of Show
Numerous First Place
Regional ADDYs

More Than 100
Other Awards

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